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Patricia by Patricia
Patricia by Patricia

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Barnsley House Hotel and Spa


Sometimes you are just plain lucky. The Village Pub in Barnsley was closed for kitchen renovations  and they directed us to the slightly more expensive but vastly superior Barnsley House Hotel and Spa where we had lunch in the Potager dining room. But we started with drinks in one of the several sitting rooms at the open fire to study the menu and have a first glass of wine. Our meal began with a double baked cheese soufflé which was crispy on the outside, puffed and then super creamy in the inside served on a bed of matchstick apples slices and greens. Darwin had cod but I went all out for the local venison served with red cabbage, sprouted broccoli and the most amazing whipped potato purée. Darwin always asked, “How do they make it so good without butter?” Of course, they USE butter! We finished with a beautiful raspberry sorbet on a lemon tart. But the meal was only the beginning of the adventure.  There was a light drizzle but  we decide to explore the grounds before we made our way home. A series of outside rooms awaited us, with shaped topiary, the occasional folly, the portage garden, the kitchen garden and the herb/healing  garden. We also popped our heads into the very modern glass spa. Just take a look at these photos and dream!

Twice baked cheese souffle

Did we like it, you bet!

Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon tart

The loo had a fireplace

Wellington boots for all comers

A glass paradise hidden behind a hedge

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