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Monday, May 23, 2011

Putting Our Tax Dollars to Work

Putting Our Tax dollars to Work or what I would do if I were Arts and Culture Commissioner.
By Patricia Frischer

Okay, I will probably never be a commissioner for Arts and Culture, but I had a good fantasy while I was in the shower and thought I would share some thoughts. You never know when seeds of ideas might sprout. I have no doubt things need to shake up a bit and these ideas would certainly do that

  1. Throw out the current plan for distributing TOT dollars. It is too much paperwork that no one wants to complete or read. Instead instigate a nomination process and a lottery draw to see who gets what. How great would it be if a tiny organization got a wind fall and could run with it?
  2. All commissioners would be responsible for one interactive community project during their term. They would mentor and support the project to make sure it was excellent.
  3. A Commission for Art and Culture Limousine would be on call once a week to take VIPs to art events. Commissioners would be responsible for filling this car up with different people for every trip thus widening the support of the arts and being seen to be present in the community. Only limited number of these trips would go to large established organization events. VIP would have a wide definition: politicians, community leaders, entertainment stars, sport stars, industry leaders, etc. A blog would be kept on these trips and statement taken from the VIPs.
  4. The Commission would stand fully in back of SD Art Month and do everything possible to make this an awareness time for the value of the arts in our community. They would encourage cross collaborations of all kinds.
  5. The Commission would hold the 21 st century version of a decathlon. Each entrant to complete a 100 Meter Race, High Jump, Hurdles, Discus, Swim/Surf, Painting, Poetry, Dance, Video, and Song.

Now it is your turn. Do you have a fantasy of what you would do as commissioner? Blog away.

PS This is written with respect to the current Commission for Arts and Culture. It is a hard job, we know.