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Patricia by Patricia
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Sunday, February 25, 2018

State of the Arts 2018

I am sure I am not the only one that found 2017 extremely stressful and full of changes. But I learned that when you work through those changes, life can actually improve as you adjust your priorities. 

At San Diego Visual Arts Network we are starting to streamline some of our features. We are hoping to automate the scrolling feature on our home page and we are passing some of our events on to other organizations. 

We are still lucky to have the help of Anand Bora of Determinant Studios when we make any changes on the site that involve coding. This continues as a most valuable relationship as Determinant Studio is also working on the North County Arts Network which automatically lists all events entered into the SDVAN calendar on their site as well. This new technology will be a big push for us in 2018 as we try to automate events listing for other large organizations. North County Arts Network launched it newly revised website in 2017 and will work to unite north county resources with umbrella promotions. 

We continue to be thankful to John Campbell and Smorgborg. This platform allow us to send out email, organize events, and easily post our articles on all the social media sites with one click. 

Our dream is to see an East County Arts Network, a South County Arts Network and eventually even a Central San Diego Arts Network. Wow, that sounds like a San Diego County Arts Council. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the only county in California not to have an arts council currently finally brought it back to life. 

In fact, nation wide, I see many people eager to embrace change, to move forward, to make life better, to take a stand on equality and embrace the diversity that strengthens us all. 

Your can read all the past State of the Arts addresses by Patricia Frischer here. And please blog back and watch for future opportunities through SDVAN to join in the conversation.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Outside Mullingar from the Oceanside Theater Co. at Brooks Historic Theater

Outside Mullingar
Feb. 23 – Mar. 11 Fri &; Sat @ 7:30pm/ Sat & (1st) Sun @ 2pm

Anthony (Stephen Schmitz) son of Tony (Jim Chovick) and Rosemary (Vanessa Dinning)  daughter of  Aoifte (Dagmar Fields) are next door neighbors in a tiny cattle and sheep farm in Ireland.  Anthony is painful shy and cut off emotionally from a father who threatens to cut him off.  Rosemary however is determined to have him. Over the course of five years, we watch the unfolding of this situation which produces great laughs, charming interactions and poignant moments. 

Written by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Kathy Brombacher and produced by Ted Leib, I would say this is a perfect combination of talent and energy. We could relate to the aging of the older generation and the happy ending, but it was the clever dialogue that kept us engaged with various clever little plots to follow. The casting was perfect and so believable...all credit to the performances of this superb four person cast.  

It was announced during the intermission that a donor had just contributed funds for a lighting system for the lobby art display. This will be a very welcome addition.  The exhibition showing small works in the lobby for this show is by  Virginia Cole and deserves a time in the spotlight. 

Oceanside Theatre Company is the resident theatre company of the Sunshine Brooks & Studio 219 in Downtown Oceanside.

Email Addresses:

Box Office 

217 North Coast Highway Oceanside, CA 92054 Phone: 760-433-8900