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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Birthing of Art Meets Fashion

Besides the fact that this event takes more than 9 months to gestate, I feel that it is much like carrying a fetus to term. Strange for me to say perhaps, as I have never born a real child, but just look at the process and make up your own mind.
It is always easy to procreate with a partner and whether you call it a marriage or a friendship, I could ask for non better than Felena Hanson who is the Fashion Designer coordinator for Art Meets Fashion.
We turn to Krystel Tien, Fashion Show coordinator with the aid of Loren Smith Productions for our baby shower i.e. thefashion show launch. This is the celebration for all the participants and a few special guests. We are anticipating the more extensive shows in the various venues and giving the project its extra push into the world.
You need a Midwife standing by to aid you through the process and Rosemary KimBal does proof reading, mans a desk, gives me a ride…what ever I may need most. Amazingly she is also making with the Valentine Viannay the scarves commemorating the project and also fabric for the dance performance and even doing a demonstration of Giant Brush painting at the Art Walk (the event draws 150,000 on one day.) where she will help us promote Art Meets Fashion.
Birthing is a natural process but it is essential to have this vital person to supply money transfusions Doctor Carolann Dekker is our Sponsorship Liaison
Standing by is the Nurse practitioner, Lauren Letizio who coordinates the over 35 Fringe Event which are cross promoted during this project. We consider them all our Neighbors who lend a hand when needed.
What could be more vital than choosing the correct hospital and with the help of Constance White and Susanna Pereda we secured the San Diego International Airport to birth the project.
It’s sextuplets! We thought we had an 11 pound (team.venue) baby, but it turns out there is an online competition with winners presented at the L Street Fine Art Gallery by Kay Colvin , an AMF artists exhibition at San Diego Dance Theater directed by Aimee Dupuis, a Mannequin show organized by Denise Bonaimo and Ariane Brittany at the NTC, a group show at the SD Airport and all those fringe events galore.
We have the glorious fortune to have three Godmothers, ,Irene de Watteville who watches over us and Rana Sampson, first lady of SD and our honorary patron and Jodi Kadesh, NBC San Diego Traffic & Weather Anchor and MC for our fashion show at the airport.
Christening is the time you declare your joy to the entire world and what nicer place than the NTC Promenade at Liberty Station for our public launch party hosted by Alan Ziter and with a dance performance by Jean Isaacs, San Diego Dance Theater and fashion show coordinator Ranee Alano. Having the public join in on the catwalk is an extra bonus with all that good will and best wishes.
Spreading the good news is Kim Richards our PR Liaison, .Louisa Garcia the documenter coordinator and Art Blog Editor, Erinn Ryan our Fashion Blog Editor. We have Adam Levins and Jessica Mandeville to thank for creating the video promotion of the project. Watch for the video by John Schell and those wonderful baby pictures by Kira Corser and Clarissa Danielle Sepulveda who documents the SD International Airport Fashion show, April 28, 2011
Knowledge transfer is handled by Denise Bonaimo Educator coordinator of the many schools who will be teaching lesson plans and to the Art Institute of Ca, SD and their staff including Jaye Brown and Ruth Holden with help from Tania Alcala and Mark Jesinoski.
It truly take a village to raise a child and ours is well tended by the more than 200 collaborators who are the artists, the fashion designers, the educators, the documenters, the gallery and boutiques owners. It’s a boy, It’s a girl….it’s Art Meets Fashion. Pass the cigars!