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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthing Process

This last month I have challenged myself to think about the role SDVAN plays in the San Diego Community. We are unique in many ways and I am beginning to see how that uniqueness makes us innovative and helps us remain creative. I have a feeling that is why we draw so many volunteers and collaborators, find so many people attending our events and why we are so excited about the future.

We are lucky not to be the guardians of an established culture, the role so many museums have to take on in society. Instead, we can keep an ear to the ground, feel a buzz, and are able to respond to an idea. We do this on the grass roots level and it is those tender shoots that we encourage and try to nurture.

We are cutting edge in our strategic thinking and have evolved as logical incrementalist, a model put forward by James B. Quinn in his book Strategies for Change. This is a descriptive instead of prescriptive path which means we don’t always know what lies ahead. We are experienced enough and confident enough to know that the challenges of the future can be met. That gives us enormous freedom. So for example when a project for a dozen artists at one venue turns into 130 artists at 41 venues (Little & Large), we call on the troops to help and we make it happen. Art Meets Fashion is forming into a project that no one person could conceive. There are 13 teams, more than 15 fringe events, an online competition, a Mannequin project, lesson plans for teens…we are not sure where it will go or how many people will be included by the time the project ends in 2011.

All along the way we are networking and aiding new collaborations, watching life emerge as people and organizations pair up, birth new ideas and breathe life into creative whims. We hear people say time and time again how excited they are to participate, to have the opportunity to create and share. We have the privilege to see all that unfold and offer it the public.

And we are supported by and collaborate with organizations like Art San Diego Contemporary Fair and Synergy Arts Foundation, which are united in the joint effort to protect our local art scene and elevate it to reach it true potential. From Baja Norte to Fallbrook amazing things are being created and are waiting to be acquired and cherished. My own latest purchase was a fabulous work by the street artist Surge (Sergio Hernandez) from the Thumbprint Gallery, a small child dressed up as a James Bond spy, debonair in his mask and tux complete with a toy gun. He is poised for the fun of the chase. What adventure awaits us all!

Six Picks

The first week of September is full of Art San Diego Contemporary Fair events from September 2-5 at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel. Opening night tickets are $75 and include a donation to the SD Art Prize. Entrance on 3-5 is $15. .The following are my six picks.

1 .Join the volunteers of San Diego Visual Arts Network at Art San Diego Contemporary Fair as we celebrate the works of the SD Art Prize 2010 recipients Julio Orozco, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, David Adey, and Gail Roberts featured in Booth # 7.

2. Jon Block’s Sight & Sound, is presenting FREE concert on Friday Sept 2 from 7 to 10 pm at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel outside of Vela Restaurant and is in celebration of the 2010 SD Art Prize recipients and the emerging artist nominated for the prize in the San Diego Visual Arts Network's New Contemporaries III exhibition.

3. Come early to the fair that day and hear Lucía Sanromán, Associate Curator, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, speaking about Between Here and There. Curatorial Strategies Towards a Regional Survey from 2– 3 pm.

4. A one-day conference titled: "Art in the City - Utilizing Art & Culture as Transformative Tools." is about how innovative arts/culture programs have added to the civic and economic life of cities across America. It is on Saturday, Sept the 4th. The fair organizers are offering non-profits a discounted rate of $25 to attend the conference.

5. Mimosas and discussion begin at 11:00 a.m. at L Street Fine Art, (Jian Wang's painting) followed by lunch at McCormick & Schmick's in the Omni Hotel at 12:00 p.m. for those who join Art Talk: Art Walk. This evenit is in collaboration with Art Expressions Gallery and a portion of the proceeds will benefit ArtsBusXpress,. Guest speakers are Ann Berchtold (Executive Director of Art San Diego Contemporary Fair), Peter Fehler (Publisher of Art Ltd. Magazine), Robert Pincus (distinguished Art Critic from the San Diego Union-Tribune). Then a shuttle will take you to the fair. $75 per person (in advance) $85 per person (at the door). For more info and tickets: Art Expressions Gallery 858.270.7577

6. A satellite to the official fair is Easel - A San Diego Art Af(FAIR) will be one week only from Sept 2 – 6. and features Dan Camp and up to 200 works by 85 artists. Organized by Alexander Salazar Fine Art in a rented space at the corner of 7th Avenue and C, the maximum price of work for sale is $2,000 and proceeds will benefit It’s All About the Kids Foundation. For more info: 619.531.8996. In 2011.