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Saturday, March 28, 2015

San Diego Art Prize at the Athenaeum March 2015

I was so pleased to speak at the opening of the SD Art Prize exhibition for 2014 where I announced the 2015 SD Art Prize established artists for 2015. 

The show features new joint work by Marianela de la Hoz and Bhavna Mehta.

Started by Bhavna Mehta and completed by Marianela de la Hoz

Es una cárcel mi piel, son cárceles mis manos, es cárcel el pensamiento,
 It Is a Prison my Skin, my Hands Are a Prison , my thoughts are a Prison
 Stonehenge paper, graphite, embroidery thread 26 x 28”

Started by Marianela de la Hoz and completed by Bhavna Mehta
Joy Is A Long Term Project,
Stonehenge paper,white pencil, graphite, embroidery thread
 33 x 26”

This image of the floor layout of tar paper by Joseph Hurppert was directed and photographed by Philipp Scholz Rittermann and then printed on a curved transparency that you see below.

By positioning yourself inside the curve you can line your eyes up and view a section of tar paper placed in the corner of the gallery. This intervention of the space requires the view to become a participant in the art work.

In the forground this lovely and loving portrait of Bhavna Metha painted by Marianela de la Hoz

A large photo display of further landscape interventions by Philipp Scholz Rittermann and Joseph  Hurppert

Here is the speech I gave.

I am Patricia Frischer, founder and coordinator of SDVAN. Together with the SD Art Committee Ann Berchtold, Debra Poteet and Erika Torri, we produce the SD Art Prize.

First and foremost  - Great thank to Erika Torri – we raise a glass to her tonight in absence. Thanks to her whole incredible team lead by the fabulous gallery liaison Maura Walters and installation consultant Stephanie Scanga A round of applause goes to them.

We are honoring the artists of the 8th year of the SD Art Prize at this exhibition and announcing TONIGHT the established recipients of the 9th year. Exciting plans for our 10th year are in the work so stay turned.

In 2011, one of our established artist told me in confidence, that he had heard previously of the art prize but did not think too much of it. After all, he had not received it. But after the accolade was bestowed on him, he thought the prize was terrific! Our circle in 2015 will include 36 artists of the SD Art Prize and another 104 emerging New Contemporaries artists and we will have held 28 exhibitions and through San Diego Visual Arts Network we, have given out over $56,000 in grant to these artists and 130 press articles have appears. Jim Chute from UT will be announcing the 2015 recipients later tonight.

These artists tonight have gone above and beyond our expectations. Marianela de la Hoz and Bhavna Tahna did not know each other and have now become fast friends who share many common themes in their work. They actually each worked on one piece partially for this show and then exchanged the work for the other artist to finish. We understand they are going to continue to make some works in this way.

But Philipp Scholz Rittermann was the first artist to embrace the mentorship by co-creating all of their work with his emerging artist Joseph Huppert. This was a first for the prize.  We applaud them and thank all four for helping to raise the bar on the quality of art we see in San Diego. Please enjoy their work while it is on display until May 4 here at these beautiful rooms.

Please also make your calendar for the opening of the New Contemporaries exhibition on Friday, May 1 …all emerging artist nominated this year at Valencia Gallery. Aida Valencia with Gabriela Avila DeMotta are hosting that show for us and it is on at the NTC at Liberty Station next to the Women’s Museum until May 29. A very special effort is being made by Alessandra Moctezuma from San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery to choose the final works which will go on display for this show.

Ann Berchtold will now tell you a bit about the Art San Diego show from Nov 5 to 8 again this year at the Balboa Park activity center.  Ann has exciting news about a SD Art Prize time line that will be on display at the show.  There is also a party hosted by Art San Diego in support of the prize to be held on Sat Nov 7 in the after hours so mark your calendars to attend and see works by the 2015 SD Art Prize winners.

Now to announce the 2015 established artists:
Wendy Maruyama

Roy McMakin 

Wendy Maruyama: headshot by Kevin Miyazaki

Wendy Maruyama - Studio image of wildLIFE Project by Bill Schairer

Roy McMakin
Headshot image by Ilana Panich-Linsman

Roy McMakin: Untitled (with one drawer that doesn't fit), 2011

poplar, enamel paint

58" x 32" x 19" 

© Roy McMakin

Photo credit Roy Porello

Photo courtesy Quint Gallery

You can now read about both artists online at and find more details of the all the artists of the SD Art Prize.

Remember the SD View Art Now app at locates all the art events on our calendar on your gps map so you can always know what visual arts events are in your vicinity. 

I am happy to say we have already had press for this announcement.
Press for Wendy Maruyama, Roy McMakin
Union Tribune, San Diego Art Prize winners named:Wendy Maruyama and Roy McMakin are the 2015 winners by James Chute, March 2015
Press Release, Wendy Maruyama and Roy McMakin, March 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

True Collaboration Means Sharing Credit

Collaboration can be the pits. The challenges are many when any two people or organizations come together. It is a sort of marriage and many of us have failed at least once at that! You have to compromise, be empathetic, get over jealousies and perceived slights. Your win wins can become loose loose unless you respect your partner(s) and persevere. Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled and re-invent the relationship all together. It is a voyage of discovery.

San Diego Visual Arts Network has facilitated many collaboration. In fact, collaboration is the life blood of this organization. Without collaboration, nothing at all would have been achieved, no directory of the visual arts, no calendar of events, no location app, no Movers and Shakers, no Little and Large or Eat Your Art Out or DNA of Creativity, Hats Off to Life, Art Meets Fashion or SD Art Prize.  Non of this would have been possible without our partner artists, art venues, and supporters. 

But we did not set out to build a reputation for San Diego Visual Arts Network. Our goal was and is to pull the arts community together. We want to show what is possible when we work together for a higher level of quality that benefits us all. 

So this is a call to get out of your silo. Notice what is happening around you. Join together to do more than you can do alone. Work more efficiently by grouping together for promotions. Challenge each other to perform better, have more fun and share the joy. And if all boats do rise on the tide, then remember that healthy collaboration means sharing the credit as well.