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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for STEM into STEAM

by Patricia Frischer

We got the good news today through John Eger that STEM May Become STEAM Officially (Huffington Post). This would be a huge step for nationally for the arts. It recognizes the value of the arts in making a well rounded student capable of performing to the highest levels at any endeavor they may choose.  Cutting the arts from education in the 70's was a huge mistake and we are lucky that the world is still turning as remedial arts training is necessary for a whole generation of students not given any help in being able to work well in teams, to communicate their vision, or think of original, innovative ideas. 

According to John Eger, ",,,  last week, the caucus--through Congresswoman Bonamici--successfully added an amendment to the rewrite of the nation's Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) legislation that will integrate the arts into STEM education.

According to Americans for the Arts, " The bill next goes to the House and Senate for final (and likely) passage in early December before landing on the President's desk."

The amendment specifically calls for "integrating other academic subjects, including the arts, into STEM programs to increase participation in STEM, improve attainment of STEM-related skills, and promote well-rounded education."

Chula Vista is on the forefront of this push. They have spent $15 million to hire 72 elementary school teachers for the district. My hope is for every city in San Diego county to spend $15 million or more on the arts in 2016.  But for now we are grateful  to see this come down from on high and be a mandate for schools throughout America.