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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Katherine Sweetman has a home at SDVAN

We are NOT thrilled at all to see that some wonderful writers are being given an opportunity to write a blog for the Union Tribune on the arts for NO PAY. Not all the articles will make it into the print edition that will be financially rewarded but the Sketchbook Blogs online are introduced by David Fobes and are giving space to Joe Nalven, Richard Geaves, William Parson, Drew Synder, and Allesandra Moctezuma.

Robert Pincus go was bad enough, but getting these artists to write on spec is outrageous. It is like the UT is holding the art world to ransom because if these writers do not write, how will we get coverage.

Katherine Sweetman
’s resignation from her blog duties at the UT was withdrawn from the UT site in 13 hours, but you can read it and register your protest on The SD Reader thanks to Don Bauder. There is talk of a boycott. The story has even made it to ArtInfo. Here is our cry to SD art writers: If you are going to write for free….write for SDVAN and serve an organization that gives back to the community and is 100% volunteer. Contact us at

You can read many of Katherine Sweetman's articles in our Picked RAW Peeled feature on SD Visual Arts Network.