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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hobby Store Heaven

I was invited by Naimeh Tahna Woodward, the president of the Encinitas Friends of the Arts to go to what I thought was going to be a gift show with fine craft artists,  but it turned out to be a crafting faire. It was at the Anaheim Convention center and we walked in I thought I had died and gone to hobby store heaven.  It was actually the Craft and Hobby Association 2015 Conference and Trade Show. We met up with Deb DeLisi who was attending and taking a course in metal clay jewelry. She did a fabulous job for us at the Art Walk with hands-on one minute mandalas.

Naimeh Tahna Woodward - it was her birthday and here she is posing with a craft fair cake.

I decided to concentrate on the booths from the San Diego region. I choose the following which do give you a tip of the iceberg view of the amazing things we saw.

This non-profit organization has 6000 square feet in San Marcos and they offer a free art service to other non-profits and open public workshops, party and gallery spaces. On April 10-12th they are holding a Paint.a.Palooza for $249 with special instructors, goody bags (worth $200), lots of crafting projects and lunch both days.

This model was completely covered in hand placed rhinestones as was the three part panel in the background.

Crystal Ninja is Kelllie DeFries and she works out of National City. She has perfected the perfect tool to lift up a rhinestone and place is where you want it. It is a wax tip and the latest version is retractable and sharpenable. She also sells special glue dispenses that are equally as exact. There was tons of bling, foil, shiny stuff of all kinds at the fair. I saw rhinestones sold by the square  yard and intricate designs formed and ready for application. Swarovski had their own display was also present all over the place.


A young women who could have been on Shark Tank, came up with an idea when her hair iron keep falling into the pedestal sink. She invented a design that works both for hair appliances and hot glue guns. It is heat resistant and has a sticky flap that adhere to most smooth surfaces. It comes in several sizes and wonderful bright colors. This company is also based in San Marcos.

I am all for graffiti but there is a time and place and if it is the wrong place then this is the right product. They also have a food, drink, pet stain remover, a marker, pen and ink remover, a sticky, greasy oily stain remover as well as the spray paint remover. And the best part is that they are completely safe on your hands. I have a tester three part and can't wait to spill something!

A shout out to Scented Duck Tape (I asked why and the reply was "why not"), Surehold Plastic Surgery Super Gel Adhesive (dancers have used superglue for years to repair cuts on their feet so that they could perform) and the wonderful yarn shops that blew my mind. 

Watch for a possible knitting project produced by the Encinitas Frinds of the art. All these large letters were covered with a variety of stitches in wild colors.

Above is a completely knitted tent from the Yarnia booth which also included knitted animals, knitted "brick" walls, knitted suitcases and all the characters from the Narnia story.