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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Arts and Culture Center for Encinitas

Conceptual image of a yarn bombed art center by Patricia Frischer

I am not a patient person in general. I like immediate gratification. But some projects are more like life-time dreams. Many of you know, I have been working toward bringing back a San Diego County Arts Council, but some might not know that I have also been waiting for an Arts and Culture Center to come to the City of Encinitas.

Although the entire region of San Diego is important to me, as I age, I want to make sure that my own neighborhood is well served by the arts. That is why I joined the Encinitas Friends of the Arts (EFA) when it first started in 2014. The EFA has a stellar record and this week, after 8 years, we finally got the go ahead to make the Pacific View school property, a stunning site, into that arts and culture center.

It was an unanimous vote from the entire city council which is most gratifying. Our thanks go to Mayor Catherine S. Blakespear and City Council Members Kellie Hinze, Tony Kranz, Joe Mosca and Joy Lyndes. The city which owns the property, will pay for the renovation and be responsible for maintenance, security, staffing and the EFA will help with fundraising and programming along with the city staff and the Encinitas Commission for Arts and Culture.

Imagine a place where seniors pass on skills to the young who in turn help their elders learn about technologies. Where the design of a garden is not only for physical sustenance, but for spiritual joy. Where the discarded trash is given new life. Where diversity is celebrated and healing is non-verbal. Imagine an art center full of these small miracles that bring communities together, defines them, makes them stronger. Imagine such a jewel in the middle of our art district, an ace in the hole for prosperity and growth. This is our vision for the Arts and Culture Center Encinitas as a Center for Innovation through Art.

Having an arts and culture center for Encinitas will define the Cultural life of our community. At the heart of this new development is Art Education for all.  We are prioritizing Communal experiences and Cross sector development with a strong need to encourage Innovation by creating a gathering place for both locals and cultural tourists. We want to activate this much-loved building into a valuable art education resource; 

*Create the economic growth for which the arts are well known.
*Add value to our community by celebrating 500 artists and 90 arts organizations willing to contribute their expertise. 
*Create new jobs for a state-of-the-art facility
*Take advantage of state and national funding for the arts as never before. 

Naimeh Woodward, the president of the EFA says, “The EFA has been a solid partner for the city for over 7 years. In fact, we just renewed our MOU with the City for the next two years and recently agreed to take on the task of promoting cultural tourism including calendar of events for the community.”

The activation of the site which originally cost $10 million, could be anywhere from approx. $4 to $8 million, but Woodward has Assembly Member Tahsa Boener Horvath word to consider matching the City’s funding up to $3.5.  With that sort of backing, other funds should be forthcoming.

There has been lots of controversy and rumors about delays in this activation. But now is the time to do what the arts are best at…bringing a community together to heal and prosper.

Sad, sad, sad

You can read the EFA full vision of the Arts and Culture Center in Encinitas at this link:

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  1. Oh My Pinch Me! Is this really coming to light?! I have waited 50 years for the city of Encinitas to welcome us artist as the most creative family in the town. There are so many of us that have been wondering the back streets, garages, alley-ways creating in the background, dreaming of a place to bring all of us together and share our passion. We do hope this dream will develop and I thank you with all my heart, it’s never too late.


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