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Patricia by Patricia
Patricia by Patricia

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Gator Aid

 by Patricia Frischer

Alley, happily ever after in all her upcycled glory.

Alley in situ

We walked down our alley and saw the saddest road kill ever. It was a completely squashed and mangled green mess. I took a photo and posted it to some friends. I got so much feedback on the formerly plush creature, that on our walk the next day I brought a body bag.  Beyond believe, there was a pulse. This was an Intensive Care Unit case. Blind and missing a limb, emaciated beyond belief, amazingly, our little alligator had not bled out. 

The following treatments were administered: 

  • cataract surgery so our patient can now see
  • bionic leg replacement 
  • Botox and plastic surgery on various wounds especially the tail and belly 
  • reverse liposuction i.e. putting the fat back in
  • complete spa treatment including bubble bath, hot rocks and massage, organic dye job i.e. food coloring. 

    Alley the Alligator now resides on my car dashboard with a much higher view of the world.

Alley in body bag.

Alley covered in dirt, cobwebs and various unidentifiable crude front

Alley covered in dirt, cobwebs and various unidentifiable crude reverso

Spa treatment begins with a paint brush.

The whole process with music to celebrate the rebirth!



Alley, wet but clean.

Alley, fluff dried.


Alley in all her glory, new eyes, legs and stuffing. 


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