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Patricia by Patricia
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Friday, September 20, 2019

Isolationist or Globalist?

I have been thinking a lot about the divisions in the world today. At this point in time one is asked to choose between being an isolationist or a globalist. This makes for a very polarized atmosphere. I seem to walk on egg shells with some people and rant in unison with others.

People are entrenched in their views. We don’t seem to be able to hear what the other side is saying. Someone told me recently that in advertising, if the message is confusing, then the first reaction is NO. Our minds become shut and once closed, it is difficult to open them again.

Art is often used to express a passionate point of view.  We know that a picture can bear a potent message.   But I can’t help thinking there is a role for art to play to reduce tension and not just contribute to it.  

I think it could be very important to use art to clarify situations. This means asking questions and getting beyond the superficial answers. We need to stop thinking about art as branding and think of it more as education, clarification and enlightenment.   

So do we tuck away our prejudices in a safe box so that we can co-exist? Perhaps this is not as good as getting rid of our prejudices and helping other to get rid of theirs

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