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Friday, July 19, 2019

Birthing a New Art Organization

On July 6, 2019 a fairly large group (36) of East and South County visual and performing arts leaders gathered together at the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center to give birth to a new organization. It is not named yet, nor does it have a logo, but the energy and enthusiasm was more than apparent. It may end up with a very noble mission and vision and it may even set lofty goals, but this particular birth bodes well as it has already established an attitude of positive progress.

The people who attended had lots of needs and wishes, but I think the most important ones were to be heard and to be understood and most important to be appreciated. You may think that sounds pretty basic. What about programs and funding and promotion!  But learning about our neighbors in a respectful way is actually key to future connection and to building an arts community that has power not just in its size but through its common beliefs. 

Blanca lucia Bergman photo by Anna Siqueiros

Blanca Lucia Bergman of Art Unites introduced herself as the Executive Administrator of this group (name yet to be determined but probably ESCAN or SECAN). She was hired by San Diego Visual Arts Network to launch this much needed hub.

Anna Siqueiros - Siqueiros Foundation spoke about the importance of being a united front and artists as visionaries. She was passionate about laying a path for future generations and the need to make a commitment to move forward together.

Lynnette Tessitore -  Cultural Art Manager for City of Chula Vista reminded us that each part of the county has its own dynamic personality. This grass roots approach is a good way to build community.

John Campbell – Offered the services of Smorgborg for a directory and events calendar plus a way to connect as communities online. This means that the new baby does not have to worry about emails and websites and can concentrate on social media.

Naomi Nussbaum –Synergy Arts Foundation volunteered the services of the North County Arts Network for advice and support. But they realize that this new east and south county organization will have different goals and will use different strategies to reach those goals.

I was particularly delighted to welcome Larry Baza, the vice chairman of the California Arts Council who attended as an observer. Larry was formerly a director of the SD County Arts Council many years ago before it was absorbed in the Commission for Arts and Culture. He is keen to see San Diego once more have an Art Council as it is the only county in California not to have one.

We see this new southern and eastern group joining with the northern group and maybe a group in central San Diego to reform such an organization. The baby would then be fully mature and ready to step into its major role as a force for arts and culture in our county.

More than 50 pages of notes were compiled from this meeting with everyone joining in to contribute an idea, a venue, or a belief. A mission and vision will surface With a clear show of hands we got the go ahead to start meeting monthly to pin down some goals and priorities. Yes, there will be much more networking but I was taken by the much stronger description by Francisco Eme, The Front Gallery in San Ysidro, “We should embrace each other.”

If you want to join in this effort to support arts and culture in the east and south  part of San Diego County, join the mailing list of this new organization by subscribing at this link.  Their next meeting will be in August. For more details, read their last email.  

P.S. I am writing this on July 9, 2019 the date that my niece made me a great aunt with a baby girl of 8 pounds and 8 oz. Blame that for the title of this article!

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