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Thursday, October 19, 2023

ADVOCACY ISSUES for the region of San Diego

 by Patricia Frischer

This month  I have decided to focus on advocacy issues that effect the region of San Diego, but knowing this is quite dry material, I have added photos from a recent visit to The Broad Museum in Los Angeles where we saw the exhibition of Keith Haring. The show has finished but this is a reminder for those who saw it and a taste for those who did not.

 The biggest news is the release of the country wide economic report on the arts. There is a link to the whole report and you can also read my summary report including info about San Diego County. 

National Release of Americans for the Arts’ Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 Study: Read the SDVAN summary report:  Not a Nicety, a Necessity: The Arts & Economic Prosperity Report AEP6 by Patricia Frischer


On September 21, AB 812 (Boerner) Housing development approvals: reserving affordable units in or near a cultural district for artists was enrolled and presented to the Governor. AND he signed it!!!

The Hillcrest Community Plan includes the creation of the LGBTQ+ Cultural District which enshrines Hillcrest as the heart San Diego's LGBTQ+ community. The plan includes the creation of interpretive elements throughout the neighborhood that tell the story of the community; a certification program to protect and support cultural institutions and businesses; the formalization of the Hillcrest Entertainment District (to make sure new residents aren't surprised when they move in next to a popular drag night); and a creative walking tour throughout the neighborhood.

 The 2023 nationwide Nonprofit Workforce Survey highlights that the non-profit workforce shortage is a growing and critical issue: 74.6% of nonprofits reported job vacancies and 51.7% reporting that they have more vacancies now than before the COVID-19 pandemic . We need more qualified people to fill these jobs.

 The board of California Arts Advocates (CAA) just voted that a priority for our 2024-25 legislative session will be to lobby for a $20 million local assistance funding increase to CAC.  Sign up here  for their action alerts. 

 SMU DataArts, the National Center for Arts Research, proudly released the Arts Vibrancy Index Report in its seventh iteration, celebrating arts-vibrant communities across the United States even as they grapple with the ongoing realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.


October is National Arts and Humanities Month but AB 1382 (Quirk Silva) State-designated cultural districts did not move forward and so is dead. What a pity.

If you live in District 4 don’t forget to research and vote for your County Supervisor Candidate on Nov. 7 special election, San Diego City Councilwoman Monica Montgomery Steppe, a Democrat, and community activist Amy Reichert, a Republican, are both on the ballot. 

The California Arts Council (CAC)  Programs Policy Committee has made their recommendations public in the CAC packet published  in advance of the virtual council meeting on October 25. To read just the committee report, please download here. An important component is restricting grants to organizations with budgets less than $3 million. You can make a public comment on this by visiting this page or to learn how to make a public comment during the meeting.

 Here are a few more of my favorites art works...just because!

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