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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Ayad Akhtar gives the Nancy Hanks Lecture and SD Design Week Collectors.

by Patricia Frischer

Sarah Grossman Polychromist posting in front of PANCA's wall mural (SD Art Prize recipient 2021)

I am writing about the following two video presentations because they are  so interesting and I feel I want to draw attention to both. The first is a 30 minute talk by Pulitzer Prize recipient Ayad Akhtar which was so insightful; the second, one of my favorite subjects, art collectors. 

34th Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy - Featuring Ayad Akhtar
Presented by Americans for the Arts at the Kennedy Center. 

This beautifully written and spoken speech touched on the universal and the particular as well as the dangers of our online obsession's and was moving and inspiring. Don't miss one of the best half hours of the year.  

Please note the introduction start at 51 minutes and the actual lecture  at 59 minutes

I’m No Guggenheim How a Novice Designed an Art Collection from the  San Diego Design Week 2022 features Jennifer Findley of JFiN Collective with collectors tips and a description of her own Op-Art collection in her home designed by La Jolla architect, Dale Naegle. Jennifer then interviews local social-media personality, Sarah Grossman (instagram Polychromist) who matches her wardrobe to colorful art works. Sarah, herself, has not started to collect the art to which she is so drawn.

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