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Saturday, April 23, 2022

How are the arts doing?


The San Diego Museum Art Arts Alive blooms again in a kaleidoscope of color this April 28-May 1, 2022. Talented floral designers inspired by the Museum collection, offer a brilliantly colored backdrop for a weekend of beloved traditions and art-inspired activities. Thurs, April 28 Art Alive 2022 Premiere Dinner from 6:30pm–11:30pm, Fri, April 29 is Members’ Preview from 8am –10am. and Bloom Bash from 7pm.–midnight, Art Alive Floral Exhibition Fri.10am–5:pm Sat/Sun 9am to 5pm, and Sat/Sun Garden of Activities from noon–4pm. 

I was asked by a friend who knows how involved I am in the visual arts, how are the arts doing? I had just filled out a survey for Americans for the Arts, and so my first impulse was to think about all the challenges that the arts face. But what came out of my mouth instead was the arts are doing rather well in San Diego. We just got promised $7 million for a new art center in Encinitas, the Museum of Contemporary Arts in La Jolla just opened and is a knock out, The Mingei just re-opened as well and the new Institute of Contemporary Art Central and North seems to be thriving. There are new exhibitions opening every week and our SDVAN events calendar is full. Everyone seems to be working hard to make sure of diversity and equality of opportunities.  

Below are my answers to the survey. I have shortened and only selected a few of  the questions to post here. But I would love to hear your answers…so feel free to email me

1. What is the greatest advancement or success of the arts and culture field in your lifetime?

Acceptance of the internet as a way to communicate and create greater involvement

2. What are the three greatest transformational aspirations for change in arts and culture in the next five years?

a. Recognition of the arts in our everyday lives for full integration, in school subjects, corporate spaces, private homes etc.

b. Support for organizations county wide instead of just pockets of support in large or well funded cities.

c. Tax relief for artists as essential workers, tax incentives for supporting artists and to make work live spaces available.

3. What are the three greatest concerns/fears you have about what could transformationally change in arts and culture in the next five years?

a. The election of power hungry and greedy politicians in all level of government

b. A backlash undoing some of the good of more equitable diversity measures taken to recognize minorities

c. Marginalization of the arts due to issues of war and climate change instead of embracing the arts to showcase these causes.

4. What is your highest priorities for the needs of the arts?

Fostering innovation is the highest of my high priorities. A large organization like Americans for the Arts is like a huge ship and I believe it needs to be nimbler if it wants to be more innovative. Applying that innovation to create more funding through more relationships with the business community will only be possible with cross sector collaborations. Business communities want national recognition to give big funding so these priorities are all linter-related.

5. What is the most completely transformational way you could imagine Americans for the Arts changing that would be exciting or valuable to you?

Funding for affordable housing for artist and an expansion of the creative corp.

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