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Saturday, November 20, 2021

SDVAN New Normal Cookbook: Eating Your Art In

To celebrate the kind generosity of our supporters, we have put together THE NEW NORMAL COOKBOOK  for you to  share and enjoy. This is a  is a compilation of recipes contributed by artists in support of San Diego Visual Arts Network.

During these years of the pandemic, many of us have been spending more time in our kitchens. The artists we know embrace the creativity of the culinary arts as well as the visual arts. We are presenting here a set of recipes by local and artist ranging around the world, because the silver lining of the pandemic has been the broadening of our world though the internet.  Often our priorities have been shaken up, but the need to feed and to share is so primal that it is a joy to see the variety of recipes and images included. For the sake of this project, we hope this is a New Normal and that artists and friends continue to share their inspiration. Eat Your Art Out may not be possible but Eat Your Art In is just a click away.

Great thanks go to everyone who contributed to the New Normal Cookbook 2021.  

Bibbi Lee – cook, author, translator of Norwegian texts, gardener – tells us how to shop once every two weeks and still present yummy goodies every day.
Cheryl Tall – ceramic artist, painter, art book creator – baked pears just waiting for the partridge in the tree to celebrate the season.
Deanne Sabeck – glass light and color artist- she is a sweetheart who gives us a savory tart.
Dion Frischer – psychologist, recipe competition winner, grandmother – the absolute best brownie recipe honed over many years.
Irene Abraham – artist, academic, arts commissioner – the perfect hot fudge sundae for the zombie apocalypse.
Irene de Watteville – ceramic surreal, Dadaist artist with a fondness for the absurd – an amuse-bouche as a starter or sweet ending from the most amusing woman we know.
Kira Carrillo Corser – Compassionate artist, photographer, videographer, founder of Post for Peace and Justice – The caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland would be lucky to sit on these mushrooms.
Kitty Morse - cookbook author and recipe demonstrator and lecturer - Moroccan memories of almond, cinnamon custard with pomegranate jewels.
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt – journalist, lyricist, singer, hiker – hot stuff like curry, creamy as butter and healthy as a vegetable can be.
Lori Escalera – street painter, historian, healthy eating advocate - lactose/dairy-free, gluten-free, IBS safe, and absolutely DELICIOUS pancakes.
Marisa Cooper – artist teacher and executive director of COTA (Collaboration of Teaching Artists) gets to the heart of the pandemic with quick relief…wine and popcorn.
Maurice Hewitt – artist, photographer and war veteran – Salmon ramen, not your standard cup of noodles, but a whole new experience.
Naimeh  Woodward – artist, director, Encinitas Friends of the Arts – Eggplant dip making mouths smile and beaks rejoice.
Nancy Atakan – Turkish conceptual artist – pickles are our spice of life.
Naomi Nussbaum – artist, sister board member for San Diego Synergy Arts Network, arts planner – happy anchovies make a delightful Caesar salad.
Patricia Frischer – painter, sculptor, curator, writer, teacher, SDVAN coordinator – Grilled chicken with three different sauces that can be used with a variety of other dishes so you are never bored.
Peter Logan – British kinetic sculptor, giver of large dinner parties – twice-baked souffles so you never need to worry about your timing.
Ralyn Wolfstein - painter, jeweler, dancer, deep sea diver, interior decorator, nine decades of experience -  a recipe created for a charity project to raise funds -  lemonade, ‘cause who doesn’t need a glass and a rocking chair?
Rosemary KimBal – her Zen brushes dance – flip your pear tart, beware the hot syrup and cool any wounds with ice cream.

It is only with your help that SDVAN has thrived over the last 20 years. thank you so much to our 2021 donors for their tax-deductible contributions. You all know by now that this is the time of year that we ask for your support once again. You can do this in so many ways. To make a donation to SDVAN with no cost to you use and designate SDVAN as your charity of choice. This is especially true on: 

Black Friday  Nov 26th  
Cyber Monday  Nov 29th, 
Artist Sunday,  Nov 28th 
(which is also Museum Store Sunday
or  whenever you  buy your holiday gifts.   

Giving Tuesday is  Nov 30,  our once a year  DONATION CAMPAIGN so remember us in your gift giving list and, please forward this message with the FREE Cookbook on to a friend who might want to support San Diego Visual Arts Network.  

We continue with our programs highlighting the best of the best with our SD Art Prize. We have produced a variety of other programs including our ongoing, Business Scholarship for Emerging Artists at Mission Fed Art Walk which enable a free booth and mentoring marketing skills. We give featured event status to hundred of events a year, mention art professionals, art activist and art opportunities in our RAW column and post reports on dozens of art exhibitions in our Picked RAW Peeled blog. We now have an Ongoing Events page and a Virtual Events page besides our Upcoming Events page which also scrolls on our home page.

San Diego Visual Arts has positioned itself to be of optimum support for the visual arts community In 2022. with our. SD View Art Now, smart phone app which pin points local arts events from the San Diego Visual Arts Network calendar on a GPS map identifying the viewers position. . Our calendar is free and accesses the events in our directory of over 2500 visual arts resources. All of these projects are moving San Diego in the right direction for innovative economic growth.

Don't see your name on our  2021 donors list? Please donate now or donate again. 

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