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Patricia by Patricia
Patricia by Patricia

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It's Not Easy, Being Difficult

Image: Patricia Frischer, It's Not Easy, Being Difficult

I feel that I am in phase 3 of the pandemic. Phase one was sheer terror and disorientation. Phase two was organizing survival. Phase 3 is still undefined but some things are coming to mind that I will share.

This is not a time to be selling me anything or for me to sell anything to you.  It is not a time to act as if I know what people will need or how the world will be different. I am sorry, but this is not a time when I feel that knowing we are all in this together helps me in any real way.

This is a time for me to be asking if you are OK. It is a time for me to donate my money, my skills, my time.  This could be a time for re-evaluation of what I want to be.

It is a time where I am so grateful for the support of our arts community. I am so proud of the job that our artists and arts leaders are doing to sort out the myriad of problems that are thrown at us every day from grant application to conditions for safe re-openings.

It is a time when I am disappointed and ashamed of the way minorities are being treated. It is a time that I am amazed and humbled by peaceful demonstrations. I am heartened by the way that people want to continue to be engaged in the arts. It is truly my belief that the arts can help bring about social change for the better.

I am lucky to be able to find things for which I am grateful.  I hope I can always be authentic and true to myself while having respect for others.

I send the same wish to you. 

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