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Monday, July 23, 2018

Ten Reasons to Support the Arts in San Diego

Patricia Frischer, The Sooner, the Better, gouache on paper, handed painted frame

The Arts:
  1. Contribute to our Economic Success: According to Americans for the Arts, 4.3% of our GDP is derived from the arts, which is more than tourism, more than transportation, more than agriculture. Arts events affect communities positively by attracting cultural tourist who spend more per day and stay longer than other tourists.

  2. Help to Recruit Talent: Employees want to live and work in a vibrant community where culture is thriving.

  3. Put the city in the spotlight: The arts help businesses build market share, enhance brands and reach new audiences. The arts help get the message across in engaging ways.

  4. Foster critical thinking: Creativity is among the top applied skills sought by employers and innovation is the most valuable resource we have. 

  5. Engage our Citizens: Sitting on an art organization’s board is great training for city government, taking art classes, attending performances and exhibitions, expressing oneself in creatives way enlivens our community.

  6. Embrace diversity and team building: The arts create an environment that blends backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures.

  7. Ensure Safety: The arts engage young people, keep them off the streets and decrease vandalism. They increase academic performance shown through higher test scores and higher grade averages.

  8. Say thanks and best wishes: The arts are a great way to show you appreciate your staff and friends by providing tickets to events or maybe a museum memberships.

  9. Contribute to the Health of Community: The arts are essential to the health and vitality of neighborhoods, cities, states and our nation. Nearly half of the health care institutes nationwide provide arts for healing programs.

  10. Are Fundamental to our Humanity: The arts ennoble and inspire us.

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