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Friday, November 17, 2017

SDVAN Giving Tuesday

Every year we remind out supporters about the Better Giving Campaign Giving Tuesday. We appreciate their cash donations, but this year we decided to offer the opportunity to support San Diego Visual Arts Network to a selected artist. We gave Cheryl Sorg the remit to incorporate the Giving Tuesday Logo into a specially designed art work that we could use on our website and emails to promote the day. Ms. Sorg uses a special paper that changes color from different angles. So when photographed from different viewpoints it appears to be a whole new work of art. We made a selection of these to create a banner for our site.

We give back to our supporters every year with a no fee accessory exchange party. This year we have invite Cheryl Sorg to showcase her works of art at that party. So the effort she made for us will do double duty! We hope that the coverage we give to her along with our thanks will be of benefit to her. We certainly believe by having an original work of art created especially for our campaign, we are getting a great benefit from her. 

Our great thanks to Cheryl Sorg.

Our Giving Tuesday campaign this year is on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28TH. We appreciate our supporters and their cash donations. Donate to SDVAN online, by phone or by post.. Those of you who can give $25 of more will be listed on the permanent sponsor page.Thank you so much for your tax deductible donation. Our 2017 Support page is now online….make sure your name is on it and remember SDVAN in your annual end of the year giving.

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