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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why does San Diego need a County Arts Council?

The envisioned role of the San Diego County Arts Council (SDCAC) is NOT to manage the existing county disbursement of funds by the supervisors. Instead it is our belief that SDCAC will provide a multitude of assets for the benefit of the entire county. It is then that the Arts and Culture Community can continue to help meet the goals of our county.

  • On the state and federal level, many revenue streams and resources for arts and culture are simply inaccessible because we lack the collaborative, leveraged approach needed.  National foundations and funders are increasingly looking for community impact as priorities and arts and culture offering a collaborative approach will benefit. SDCAC will capture new revenues.
  • Strong leadership and regional connectedness and infrastructure are required to serve the needs of the entire arts and culture community in our County. Historically and at this moment, this critical leadership does not exist. Therefore, the huge arts and culture sector of the county is fractured, siloed, and underdeveloped. SDCAC will fill that role of uniting this sector.

  • Within the arts and culture community, lack of communication and collaboration results in redundant and inefficient use of existing funds, minimizing the overall impact on our county.  SDCAC will guide organizations receiving funding to better use and leverage those resources.

  • According to a James Irvine Foundation study, 93% of the population is engaged in the arts. California is rated as the most profitable creative economy.  A large constituent in our County is interested in and anxiously awaiting leadership and the resulting success stories. SDCAC can organize this constituency for you.

  • Monies received from the Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) are significantly based on cultural tourism, in which visitors stay longer and spend more. SDCAC will increase cultural tourism.

  • Arts and Culture is a proven economic driver.  Our county will see a stronger partnership with arts & culture in increasing economic development (i.e., creative class/arts sector jobs, cultural tourism, quality of life, community branding, etc.). SDCAC will increase existing revenues.

  • SDCAC will increase ACCESS to arts and culture by supporting arts organizations, building innovative collaborations and expanding audiences. It will provide greater VISIBILITY and promotion of arts and culture countywide. It will encourage our cities to COLLABORATE with the arts community to develop and establish vibrant arts programs that will attract and retain the talented 21st century workforce, ensuring sustainability in the global knowledge economy. SDCAC will provide increased opportunities for ARTS EDUCATION to San Diego residents, particularly to K-12 children and youth, and at-risk/under-served populations.

  • SDCAC will assist in the county-wide development of Partner Networks for:  Arts Organizations; City Arts Staffs; Arts Commissions Chairs; Arts Funders and Philanthropists; Marketing and Audience Development; Arts Education; and Arts Advocacy.

  • SDCAC will report on best practices, grant opportunities, creative industries, art districts, and affordable live/work housing to keep creative talent in our County.

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