Patricia by Patricia

Patricia by Patricia
Patricia by Patricia

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day celebration

Thanks to everyone who made Valentine's Day such a wonderful celebration this year.

Kale, ginger and carrot salad with shrimp was lunch for Irene de Watteville when we made crafty little Valentine cards

VIP gift card for Debra Poteet who hosted and also it was her birthday

Potatoes before they went into the oven from Patricia and Darwin.

Wonderful chocolate and caramel tart from the Klines

Chocolate from Peru, Dominican Republic  single varieties from Darwin with cookies from Naimeh

Bread and cheese board from Constance and Ralyn

Grilled fish with a wonderful sauce from Barbro and Alex

Greek Salad with Feta from Naimeh and Jonathan

Lamb stew fro Karen and Mike

home made cheese cake thanks to Raymond and Rosemary

Coq au Vin from Deanne and Jeffery

Irene de Wattville, sexy salads

Special salad from Michelle and Roger

Laurie's pasta

and Laurie's dish with mussels

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