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Patricia by Patricia
Patricia by Patricia

Saturday, March 21, 2015

True Collaboration Means Sharing Credit

Collaboration can be the pits. The challenges are many when any two people or organizations come together. It is a sort of marriage and many of us have failed at least once at that! You have to compromise, be empathetic, get over jealousies and perceived slights. Your win wins can become loose loose unless you respect your partner(s) and persevere. Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled and re-invent the relationship all together. It is a voyage of discovery.

San Diego Visual Arts Network has facilitated many collaboration. In fact, collaboration is the life blood of this organization. Without collaboration, nothing at all would have been achieved, no directory of the visual arts, no calendar of events, no location app, no Movers and Shakers, no Little and Large or Eat Your Art Out or DNA of Creativity, Hats Off to Life, Art Meets Fashion or SD Art Prize.  Non of this would have been possible without our partner artists, art venues, and supporters. 

But we did not set out to build a reputation for San Diego Visual Arts Network. Our goal was and is to pull the arts community together. We want to show what is possible when we work together for a higher level of quality that benefits us all. 

So this is a call to get out of your silo. Notice what is happening around you. Join together to do more than you can do alone. Work more efficiently by grouping together for promotions. Challenge each other to perform better, have more fun and share the joy. And if all boats do rise on the tide, then remember that healthy collaboration means sharing the credit as well.

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