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Friday, September 19, 2014

London Journal 5: London Fashion Week and London Design Show at Tent and Super Brands

This is a week of friends and food. Because this year's journal is in this public forum, I am not including names of the many many close buddies that we are re-united with during the trip. But I will include photos of some of the food that brought us all together.

Peking Duck before shredding  at Mr. Kong's in China town
Peking Duck after shredding with pancakes, hoisin and cucumber and green onion
The meal also included scallops, Chinese broccoli, sliced pork, and Singapore style noodles, rice and sake

London Fashion Week

Besides the frenzy and fun of all the fashion shows, many of which I could stream online, I listened to a very interesting
online seminar: Can you bring luxury online?. I think this is pertinent to the selling of art online and these people are struggling to figure out how to use the internet and social media. The gist seemed to be not to use math to understand the customers in some sort of mass way, but to be able to customize the experience. They say that a new customer may find the use of video to show the process of making more helpful to educate them than a celebrity endorsement.But this may block an established customers who needs something fresh, exciting and quick and most important creative.  At the same time it needs to be inclusive and make an emotional connection. Digital is much more comfortable for men then going into a shop. Language barriers can be easier on line. Editorial is vital as it engages people. It drives 10-15% of the business.  Telling people how to put looks together, what is trending especially in video format where they can relate to the person speaking. The future is about tactile experience, so you can have the experience of actually feeling something.

Vivian Westwood is always interesting and adding this blue mustache and goatee is just one of the quirks.
Central St. Martin's school presents unusual and bizarre looks like this and the following

Sorry about the quality of the image, but it was taken while spending around Hyde Park Corner in a bus. A wonderfully silly sculpture amongst all the serious statues of the good and great.

Here is your tempting preview of the dessert I am contributing for our weekend in Scotland. It is my entry to the friendly competition our house party is holding. Known as Christmas Crack, it is made with Saltine crackers acquired at huge expense by my husband, and is a toffee with Cadbury milk chocolate coating and pecans. The Scots love sweets and I am hoping to impress. 

Dinner at Whits
This was quality food for an exceptional price. It was small and run by husband and wife team. This is the sort of neighborhood restaurant that you wish was next to your home.

My starter soused herring came with white anchovies,an olive oil and balsamic drizzle  served on an apple purée and  a beetroot  purée with sautéed cod roe (my favorite bit).  Oh yes, and a little ring of  horseradish potatoes which Darwin devoured, not to mention a mousseline of something  which I did leave, but only because I don't like thing that wiggle.

I followed with another starter of  hot mushroom and truffle mouse with escargot and wild mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce. The escargot were served out the shell  and were tender and crisp at the same time and there were wonderful chunks of sautéed garlic and shallots and even a baby artichoke.

Darwin had the set menu which was coq au vin and a hot raspberry mouse with raspberry ripple ice picture of that as you gained to much weight looking at the Christmas crack!

In my London Journal #3, I mention Kateh.Persian. and my Persian friend (the organizer of the recent Persian evening and head of the Encinitas Friends of the Art)  read the journal. When she and her husband arrived to visit in London, they want to go and see for themselves.  So here is a repeat visit with different food. She tells me this is a very special menu as it has dishes from all over Iran, some she cooks but are not available even in LA.

You eat this good feta cheese wrapped in the soft bread and topped with a variety of fresh herbs including mint, tarragon, sage etc.

These grilled sardines were perfect and just like those one gets in fresh and tender

Perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs on top of a fava bean and mint melange.

Sea Bass with saffron rice and a little cake of spinach bound together with eggs.

I know this looks like some sort of squid ink, but only because of my poor photo.. Instead it was actually some greens with a whole salted lemon
TENT Design Fair  

This American artist Mari Andrews from outside SF was found at The Cold Press

Also from The Cold Press
Aorta brought a great sense of humor with these all wood band aids. Put one over a scratch  in your table and don't worry about the healing process.

They also brought us this shiny finger food fork which is a ring well as they clever plates with raised food on the surface

More serious art from Aorta but with a twist was this table. Not for neat niks.
This chair by Philippe Nacson  seemed to continue right into it plinth 

Philippe who is French also did this book shelf inspired by a paper clip.
There was very little jewelry but what there was was interesting including these broaches by Clare Williard

The following works are from a whole room of Korean craftsmen called Constancy and Change. I choose this image as it shows ramic patchwork hung in a most unusual way, suspended in a frame which is then weighted to keep it steady.

These enormous lacquered rock shapes had fabulous finishes by Hwang Sam-yong.

Hand beaten brass ware bowls are by Lee Bong-ju

These small salt sets by the Finish artist Juha Luukkonen are poetry in metal

I see a future for art that is also a recharge station for tablets and smart phones. This and the following ladies and gentleman  are made by

HERCULES XIII - Universal Tablet Stand

The next set of images are all lighting fixtures. I have to admit I am also especially interesting in this area as we should probably have a large light installation of some kind in our own home.

Fyrbox Ltd created this set of lights from Pyrex glass that was then lamp worked.

Philippe Nacson told us this light could hang and the balls are just sitting in the metal sling he created with special leather covered electric cords

This impress set of glass raindrops was part of the Whetstone Oak display on the ground floor of TENT which is a separate design show called Super Brands
On my way into the show, I passed these two wonderful street art works.

very, very large street art works...artist unknown
There are a series of talks with this design show and I have included one for you to see but you can explore more if you would like to do so.

Androuet Cheese Restaurant  at Spitalfields Market delivered a wonderful raclette sandwich with a glass of rose...for one never drink water only spirits with melted cheese.  I also collected a waxed cotton cap from the very traditional Barbour and a toast rack to display my crack.

National Trust Houseproud has come up with a very interesting idea for home owners to send in photos of their home interiors.  There four £1,000 prizes. ‘Spatial Visionaries’ how smaller London spaces are utilizes; ‘Treasure Hunters’ who use decorative items in innovative ways, ‘Master Craftsmen’  are DIY creations; and, ‘Personal Stylists’ unique sense of style. We love this idea that people are encourage to live in artistic personal environments. Take a look now and look for the winners after Oct 12th.

I end this journal #5 with the NO decision about the Scottish independence. Only four districts voted yes with 45% for independence and clear 10% more at 55% wanting to stay with Great Britain (i.e. England, Wales, and Ireland). It was lovely to see such a huge 85% of the population of about 5 1/4 million actually voted on this issue. Sixteen year olds were allowed to vote and they do not vote in general elections for the UK parliament. You now have a situation with a Irish Assembly, a Welsh Assembly and a Scottish Parliament, but no solely English Parliament or Assembly. What that means is that Scotts have always been able to vote on English laws for England, but not vice versa. And after this vote, a package has been promised to give more powers to Scotland. But there will also be a push for an English Parliament. Politics has changed for good here. But the four countries that make up Great Britain ie. the United Kingdom will stay united for now.

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