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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Incubator for Innovation - final 9 teams for San Diego

Nan Renner, director of the San Diego Incubator for Innovation for the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership was our host for this evening where we got to preview the final 9 teams for the San Diego Incubator for Innovation project produced and funded by The Art of Science Learning initiative through the National Science Foundation. She introduced Harvey Seifter and all the team participants.
"We're definitely looking for further expertise," says Judit Hersko, an artist and professor who helped create the Sculptural Dew Collectors. "We're dedicated to continuing on."

The other two incubators are in Chicago Ill.  and Worchester Mass. In the year ahead, the Art of Science Learning will compile results from all three incubators and will share what they have learned through articles, presentations, and a traveling exhibition opening in the summer 2015 at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.


Kate’s Place Water Innovation Center integrates a water-wise house and garden featuring technologies old and new. Named in honor of Kate Sessions the “mother of Balboa Park,” the Water Innovation Center will invite community members to innovate new solutions to our water challenge.


2014-07-02 17.18.04

Water Drops Portable Water Supply  is a lightweight, portable, solar-powered machine that extracts water from air for backpacking excursions and emergency situations. Their atmospheric test chamber, created for testing their product, will be used for dynamic science learning. 

Built Environment Innovation Connection provides curricula for college and high-school AP students to collaboratively plan and develop water-neutral built-environment projects using modern Building Information Modeling technologies and Integrated Project Delivery business processes.

BeeLite encourages water-wise gardening while providing shelter for endangered insect pollinators. It uses solar energy to power a soil moisture meter in an artistic housing that attracts solitary native bees.

The Epic Water Game is a simulation-based computer game designed for young students to experiment with our regional water system through time, manipulating variables to see the consequences.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.35.02 PM


Sculptural Dew Collectors are biologically inspired sculptures that harvest water from the atmosphere. Accompanying active learning programs will explore the microphysics of water, including molecular polarity, and hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials.


En Plein Aire App is a mobile application designed to inspire beautiful and water-smart landscape designs embodying San Diego lifestyles. En Plein Aire will also provide links to landscaping resources and planning tools.

DIY EcoLab is an art-science kit that integrates scientific inquiry with creative artistic expression. DIY EcoLab will grow into a series of kits, all designed to promote scientific and artistic experimentation.
 Banana Copper Lab

Trash to Paradise is a low-cost mid-size water treatment plant that transforms sewer water into water for irrigation. The design involves recycled materials and wetland plants, executed by engaging local communities in the Tijuana River Watershed.

You can learn more about and connect with San Diego Incubator for Innovation teams at:

See photos and news stories from the Innovation Launch here:
If you can’t wait until 2015 check out the innovation conference Tijuana Innovadora which presents 200 innovators in technology, health, education, cross-border business, food, fashion

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