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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Your Donations make a difference - Web Wonders

Over the years, we have been collecting a list of certain improvements that need to be made on the site in order to remove glitches and simply make it easier and more efficient to use the site. In 2015, we hired Anand Bora a web developer from Determinant Studios  in Bangalore, India. Anand was part of our DNA of Creativity project working on the PAMM project (Poly Aesthetics: Mapping of the Muses). We had a great challenge for Anand as the original site was constructed in 2003 in India, which is ancient history in web terms. He has performed miracles to sort out our code, clean up the site and make some wonderful improvements for the user and for the administration of the site.

We highly recommend Anand Bora for any web design needs you may have, and will be continuing to use his services for even more improvements to the site, especially with your kind end of the year donations to SDVAN.  We would like to add more search capacity especially for collectors looking to make commissions, added categories for mediums and locations for artists, continuing safety features, and a rating system for events by the public.  

Just in the last year we have added: 

Lots of back end admin changes have been made to make is easier to use and for the site to be more safe from virus and robot attacks. 

A print function on the top left of each page.

The resource search function has been repaired and you can once again search for a type of resource in one part of the county.

There is now an alphabetical search possible for Art Resources divided into first letter categories.

There is a new easy way to upload image for event listings. You can just browse your own computer for an image. The image no longer has to be online. Images up to 500kb can be used.

Every page for the search is now properly branded and linked with our menu bar.

We have fixed the am/pm confusion and now all listing for month, day and year are on pacific standard time.

San Diego Visual Arts Network  is a  database of information  produced  to improve the clarity, accuracy and sophistication of discourse about San Diego's artistic and cultural life and is dedicated to the idea that the Visual Arts are a vital part of the health of our city.

Did you know:

The SDVAN  connects almost 1,000 organizations and nearly 1500 artists and is  the largest resource ever brought together to support the visual arts community in the entire region of San Diego.  Its potential for influence within the entire community is great.

SDVAN is a nonprofit  entity which provides representation and support for the entire visual arts community through its directory and calendar services and is FREE.

How you can help:

$100 pays for updates for the directory for one month
$500 covers the cost of making feature event banner status for five exhibitions
$700 prints a flyer for the year
$1000 makes possible additional improvements on the site like posting images
$2000 will create a rating system for our new View Art Now App
$5000 supports the SD Art Prize

Support SDVAN and you receive more than the gift of art.  You support that which binds us together that goes beyond religion, race, or gender. You support our freedom to express ourselves and to gather to celebrate our creativity. 

Donate to SDVAN online, by phone or by post. Those of you who can give $25 of more will be listed on the permanent sponsor page
Thank you so much for your tax deductible donation to our 100% volunteer non-profit. 

For more information: or contact  (760) 943 0148

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